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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dream Wedding Dresses

I ran across this magazine at Barnes and Noble. This issue has some of the most gorgeous period style wedding gowns. Complete eye candy. I spent a good afternoon leafing through the pages and visiting the accompanying web sites. The jewelry maker in me was very inspired by the sumptuous fabrics, hand sewn details and historical cuts. Maid Marion era gowns, Romeo and Juliet style gowns, Elizabethan gowns ......... makes me wish I was planning a medieval or renaissance style wedding. Most of them were shown in white, but if it was custom made in blue or red, I'm sure I could find some occasion to wear one of these gowns. If you are planning a wedding and like romantic dresses, definitely take a look at this issue. And if you need custom jewelry to match, I would be more than happy to do some sketches. :)


Valhalla Soap Company said...

A girl could loose herself in a magazine like that. I love renaissance style clothing. Especially for a wedding. And you are so right, in a deep rich blue or red, or even green a wedding dress would be so divine! Can't wait to see how you were inspired by the mag and how it shows through in some new jewelry :)

Bejeweled said...

My sketchbook is full of fashionable Renaissance ladies......hmmmm, maybe I should be a dress and jewelry designer (grin). I have some exciting new designs inspired by this issue -- now only if I can find the time! My production schedule is full for at least the next three weeks. Busy is good!