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Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Holiday Jewels

The new holiday jewels are starting to pour into the boutique! Take at look at these mouthwatering treats perfect for holiday gifts, or as a little indulgence for yourself. After all, shopping is hard work :)

Intricate filigree earrings like "Baroque Bordeaux" $39:

Elegant, modern indulgences like this "Abacus Pearl Necklace" $65:

Spirited artisan necklaces like "Secrets of the Moss" $49:

And brand spanking new to our shop,the Flower collection of handcrafted knitted and crocheted accessories. Here are "Wildflowers Flower Pin" $16 and "Buttercup Flower Pin" $16. These are super cute and full of natural charm! And at $16, very affordable. Pick up a few and make several people on your list very happy:

Bejeweled - Jeweled Elegance

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