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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy New Year & Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a new year and that means new handcrafted unique artisan jewelry at Jeweled Elegance! Our crochet hoop earrings are getting great reviews. These sweet pink ones are "Monet". The finishing touches are being put on "Wisteria", some awesome lavender ones, and I hope to get them photographed tomorrow. I think they are my favorite ones so far.

A new year means clearing out some of our older inventory, so look for select jewelry starting to be marked down and put on sale. Help us clear out some of our older beauties and get some great Valentine's Day gifts at a great price!

We also have a great Valentine's Day special going on right now. Order $35 worth of Jeweled Elegance items and get a free gift - a free pair of flower hairpins! We have several pretty designs worth between $8 and $20 dollars, and would love to add one to your order! The special is running until February 15th. (While supplies last - free earrings will be substituted if we sell out of hairpins)

And now for a little bad news...A new year also means some items (just a few!) will be costing more this year. We adjust our prices on a yearly basis, mostly for increases in material costs, and try to keep the adjustments as small as possible.

Happy New Year!!


Sean Carter said...

hey this is amazing...thanks for this wonderful post and for the links as well...they are really amazing....and hey also drop by my blog to find some more stuff on Valentines Day...i'm sue you'll enjoy all that's there!!!

Heather said...

ooooh, YUMMY!!!!