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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yarn Addiction

Have you ever walked into a yarn or craft store and been smitten by row upon row of gorgeous, pretty yarn? There are so many wonderful choices in today's market: Sparkly with embedded sequins, hand dyed in yummy colors, soft and woolly ready for felting ....... I am addicted to pretty yarn and my yarn cupboard is overflowing! So, I've started this year's Spring Cleaning in my yarn cupboard. First to be used up is a really pretty red wool. I've spent the week felting and embellishing these gorgeous poppy magnets. Aren't they cute!!

I also finished up this little drawer sachet and will fill it with scented and dried herbs. I suppose I should fill it with rose petals since it has a little rose embellishment, but I so love the smell of lavender in a clothes drawer. So I'm thinking lavender combined with ..... rosemary, perhaps?

Next? I'm thinking more pretty, floral things .... must be the influence of Spring!

Bejeweled - Jeweled Elegance

1 comment:

SweetJen said...

Those are so cute! Rosemary & orange might be nice, too.

I like your spring cleaning idea. I've quite the stash of fabric myself. lol