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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Firebird Necklaces

I've gotten so many lovely comments on the little Firebird pins that I made especially for the "ONE World-ONE HeART" Spring Giveaway, that I decided to make some as necklaces for the shop. With their sparkly surface treatment, they were challenging to photograph, but I finally was able to capture their look by putting them in a sunbeam to photograph. Usually a very bad idea, but it worked great! I'm also happy to report that "Happiness" is a new best seller for us. Yeah!! So, I'm making two special ones, both as horizontally drilled pendants with gemstones and crystal, but one has a really cool gold antique finish. I *hope* to have them finished and posted this week.

I also had a rare chance to go shopping. I found these great flower sliders, some yummy wool yarn for felting and these vibrant chopsticks. I've always wanted to make hair sticks and I think these chopsticks would be ultra-cute turned into hair sticks. I also found some amazing washi (Japanese paper) at one of my favorite places, Uwajimaya!! The one I visit has a Kinokiniya bookstore attached and if you like Japanese craft books, is an amazing place to get the newest ones, hot off the presses.


Mary Timme said...

Well, I love it all. The yarn the flowers, which I've used and like very much, thank you, the firebird--the whole thing. Very nice.

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Yay for you on your bestseller! I like to think that I was a HUGE part of that what with my one purchase....hee hee just kidding!! Can't wait for the drawing....I looked at the calendar and realized it's THIS Wednesday!!! I was thinking it's 2 weeks away. I need a reality time check here!

Lizzy said...

Love those pendants! Oh so pretty and shimmery! And I'm not at all surprised that Happiness is a best seller... It's so pretty and, well, happy! Also... Uwajimaya? Are you by any chance in Seattle? Just wondering b/c we have an Uwajimaya, too! (Or is it a chain?)