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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Marie Antoinette: Pretty, Pretty Shoes

This was going to be a fabulous post about exotic adventures, priceless shopping treasures and amazing creative goodies. But ..... the flu moved into our house this week so those things didn't quite happen :) I DID make a closet full of lovely paper dresses, but can't share those quite yet :) I'm still brainstorming on what, if anything, to do to the backs before sending them off to their new homes. Pretty dresses were making me think of pretty shoes to go with them. So... how about a dose of pretty Marie Antoinette shoe eye candy?This stunning collection of artfully piled Versailles shoes is from Moda Pra Ler. Why don't my shoes look that cute when I let them pile up?

These next two shoes shots are from the movie Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst. Aren't these yummy! Love those pastel candy colors! Reminds me of frosted petite four candies. Who else but Manolo Blahnik could have designed these beauties? Personally, I thought the movie was a bit vapid, but really enjoyed it as cinematic eye candy.

And this last one is from Shoe IQ. Looking at the white pair, you can really see the unique shape of shoes of that era. High heels were a must along with embroidered silks, rich brocades, painted leather, and large showy buckles. They don't look terrible comfortable, but who knows? Maybe they were. Did you know that very little remains of the actual wardrobe of this notorious French queen? I've heard there is only one actual shoe, not a pair, but a single shoe still existing that is attributed to her.
In other news ..... I finally finished my patio!!! Yeah!!! I'm now trying to encourage moss to grow between the pavers. Really hoping for that old English look. How do you grow moss? Use this handy recipe: Take some existing moss and puree in a blender with yogurt and cheap beer (You're whipping up a moss spore and moss food combo). Paint mixture on patio pavers. Keep moist. Watch moss grow. Moss grows slowly, so it might take a while :)

Next post .... a "Patio Finished Party"! And maybe my first giveaway too :) Have to get rid of this pesky flu first :)


Mary Timme said...

What totally neat shoes. I love shoes and I think one of the hardest things in my life is when I had such fallen arches and heel spurs that I could barely walk. I now walk two miles a day 5 times a week, but back then. . .I couldn't. giving up high heels and pointy toes was a real lesson in humility for me. Gracious, I hope I've learned it.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely shoes and the colors are yummy. I have always wondered if they were comfortable. Can't wait to see the paper dresses when you are done. I haven't made any yet but I think they would be cute in my girls new room. I'll have to get on that after I get my studio together.

jeanetta said...

love the shoes! hope you feel better.
did you get your package yet?

m i c h e l l e said...

Thank you SO much for the delicious eye candy! Yum!!! I'm looking forward to your giveaway and I sure hope you kick that flu!!

The Rose Room said...

Delicious, I want every single shoe!
Take Care - Rachaelxo

monica yvette said...

Love these photos and the shoes, though, they do look very uncomfortable.

KV said...

Yes, those shoes are gorgeous and most likely hurt like the dickens to wear for any length of time!

Hope you feel better soon!

Kathy V in NM

Lori said...

love all of those perfectly yummy shoes!! feel better soon!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

oh GREAT are those shoes?? Love them, the colors, the fufu ness every single thing.

Hope you are all better now.:)

bluemuf said...

Fantastic shoe photos, so yummy.

I hope you are better soon and look forward to seeing pictures of your new patio.


Jen said...

Oh, what pretty shoes - they do look like candies or something.

Marie Antoinette was a silly, frivolous girl raised by a domineering mother who really broke loose after marrying into France, but I don't know if she was so outright evil as everyone things. Daft and possibly too self-centered, yes, but...I think evil is too much to attribute to her.

Good luck with the moss! I'd love to see pictures. At least the heavy labor is done with. ;)

Gracie said...

I will forever be loving the eye candy from Marie Antoinette. I loved all your pics they look great.
And can't wait to see your paper dresses!
I hope your feeling better as well!

Lola Enchanted said...

Oh my goodness~ I am in beautiful shoe HEAVEN!!!!~ what wonderful pictures!!! Get well.

jen said...

omg, i'm drooling over those shoes - all of them!

Vintage Mosaic Boutique said...

WOW, I must dont see shoes like that very much you? They are so beautiful!

Siobhan :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear jeweled, I just blogged in M. Antionette - old news - I know - but with twist :-) - your Photos are great by the way :-)

Maide said...

These stunning shoes inspire me for making marie antoinette spats.

Yes... i also fall in love with this style and romantic detail shoes :-)


Ashley said...

LOVE those shoes. I wish I could find some like that! I'd look like I had cupcakes on my feet!