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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Kitchen Table with Earl Grey at 4:00 AM

One morning this week I had the most wonderful date. With a cup of piping hot Earl Grey Tea, a new tool, a bunch of paints and absolute silence. Yes, silence. How was this amazing feat accomplished? At 4:00 am while my family was still snug in their beds. But a girl has to craft when she can!

All of you awesome paper artists have inspired me to try card making. So .. this is the first card I have ever made. History in the making *grin*. This was a Buddhist theme card for a friend, so I started with a 2"x3" image, enlarged it, embellished it (it has lots of gold glitter on the figure and plants which of course doesn't show up in the photo), and then made a border and trimmed it with ribbon. For a first try, I like it!Then I whipped out the acrylics and painted a modern and masculine card for my brother. He lives in California, so I tried to do a California hill and valley theme. Didn't foof it or he might have run for those hills :)

And here is my new tool: A professional ring mandrel!!!! This thing is *heavy*, as in you could use it for weight lifting. I didn't get to play with it much since I've spent the week cleaning for my mother's visit, but I did take one of my bird necklaces and wire in into a ring and then made a "baby one" too. Fun??? Oh, yes!!!!!

This last picture was taken long after the sun rose, but I just HAD to show you all this. I have moss on my patio!!!
This was the first section of the patio we finished, and it was a ..very...long....project, so I suppose there's a slim possibility moss spores were there, invisible, waiting for the fall rains, but I'm going to swear by my moss food recipe, because this is the same area I painted it on and misted religiously. Doesn't it look great!

My mother arrives tomorrow for a week long stay, so I'm not sure how much computer time I'll get, but I'll visit everyone when I'm back!


The Rose Room said...

so many talents, so little time! 4.00am!!!! Great result though! The moss has fascinated me since I started reading your blog! Have fun with your Mum - take care - Rachael - xo

jeanetta said...

o my the rings are beautiful. and the patio looks awesome. glad your mom is getting to visit. i am excited becaude my mom has just moved here, tonight in fact. yeah i have babysitting once again. lol. just kidding.

Lori said...

those bird nest rings are amazing! love the cards you made and your patio looks great!!! i hope you have a wonderful visit with you mom :)

Lizzy said...

4 am!!! Heather, you are my hero. I can barely force myself out of bed at 6 to get ready for work. :P

Love the paper goodness. That Buddha card is gorgeous!

And those nest rings. **sigh** If I didn't have to wear gloves in the lab on a regular basis, I'd be begging for one right now. :)

Have a great Thursday!

Alison Gibbs said...

Love the cards! Have a fun week with your Mum,

Mary Timme said...

I had a 4 a.m. awakening this week too! I was just slept out, and not sure why, but boy I got a lot done that day. I love the moss in the patio! Good job. It looks fantastic!

Kari & Kijsa said...

We linked to your blog from another friends and we are so glad we did! Those rings are incredible and the blue is the perfect shade!

Have a blessed day!

kari and kijsa

Liz said...

Now that moss looks awesome, but the new tool looks even better, especially with what you can make with it

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am smitten with those still my heart! Precious!!! xo, Becky

Gracie said...

Wow your rings are cute. I like that you made a baby one as well. Such a great idea! And great work on the cards. Maybe I will start making them as well. And your patio looks great!!

Natalea said...

I just love that ring!! Gorgeous!
Also, I've been known to do the 4am crafting thing! I figure- if I feel awake I might as well take the opportunity of no one bothering me!
Have a great day! xo natalea

Lady N said...

You have a beautiful blog! I love the japanese illustrations in your previous post.

monica yvette said...

I like your cards. How do you find time to do all of these things? lol.
Your rings look very quality. Out of curiosity, do you work at a jewelers bench? I've been lacking a place at home to work on my metal smithing, and am looking for an inexpensive solution.

Felicia said...

That patio is awesome!

Kim said...

Love the moss!!!

Donna O. said...

First try on the card??!!! It looks fabulous!!!