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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Minka Farmhouse Envy, Shop Update & A Bloggie Break

A minka is a Japanese farmhouse. Often dismissed architecturally because of its associations with poverty and rural backwardness, it has been enjoying a renaissance of appreciation in recent years. I love minka architecture and was overjoyed to find an article on one in this month's Architectural Digest. This one has been relocated to have fabulous views of Mount Fuji - ah, that view through the living/dining room windows is very nostalgic for me!Built of timber without nails, the wood is ingeniously fastened and lashed together. Smoke from cooking would blacken the central wood pillar giving it a beautiful patina of age. The rood was steeped to deflect snow. This minka, being restored and renovated, also has a Japanese style soaking tub made from Izuishi, a beautiful flecked gray-green stone. Outside is a karesansui, or dry landscape - which looks just stunning in the rain as the rocks change color.
Images from Architectual Digest
(Did you know they have whole articles from the print magazine online now? So great for research!)

No minka vacation for me, but it certainly is easy to dream about one looking at the article's gorgeous pictures! But I did get a small shop update done -- Yeah! My Etsy shop now has cupcake magnets, some of my hand crocheted coffee cozies (more to come) and more 18thc. French inspired earrings, like the Antoinette earrings.There's still time to take advantage of the summer Etsy special: June 26th - July 26th: Every order $20 or over (excluding shipping) gets a mystery freebie added to it :)

And now I really need to take a short bloggie break to get caught up on everything! I'll be back to blogging in a few short weeks!


NeereAnDear said...

What darling magnets!! And the jewelry is so beautiful ...

You are so talented



Sugar Bear said...

The house looks neat, clean, and open. Three things my house isn't LOL.

eatme_delicious said...

Those cupcake magnets are really cute!

Gracie said...

Those magnets are so sweet! And love the earrings too . The little coffee cozies look adorable! Great job Heather!

Oh I forgot to say I love those paper dresses you made in your other post. They're gorgeous!!!

And that Japanese farmhouse looks so cozy and inviting. I hope you have a restful blog break!!

Take care xox

She'sSewPretty said...

I love the photos of the minka. It just looks so sooting and restful! Wouldn't I love to soak in that tub for a few hours...or days!!

Rebecca said...

Love those magnets, totally cute!!

Vivian said...

Love the minka photos. Wish I could be there, sigh.

Anonymous said...

So many fun and creative items. You are simply wonderful.
Hugs ~ Alexandra

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS jewelry!!

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello there!
Your magnets are so cute, and I love the jewelry. Very unique!!!

rochambeau said...

Dear Jeweled,
Your blog looks so fresh and pretty!
Your new earrings and magnets....very nice, also the Minka Farmhouse is Fab!

Thanks for stopping by. You brightened my day!


Little Lovables said...

Love that home, and what a gorgeous blog and talent you have!

The Rose Room said...

I love the Minka, so simplistic and stylish, unlike my own vintage cluttered home! Your MA earrings are wonderful:) Rachael

Waterrose said...

Take your break..and enjoy!

The Minka is wonderful. I visited a clients home not long ago and he had a mini minka with a fabulous soaking tub. All made with rock and wood, with a waterfall...just wonderful!

Roxie said...

Oh my goodness, that cup cozy is perfect!!! THAT is genious!

Flowerchild Clay Queen Angel Heart Designs said...

Hi! I just found your the jeweled shoes...are they ever for sale..? Love all your other pretties too!

Cindy :)