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Thursday, April 16, 2009

LinkWithin -- A Handy Blog Widget

dulac cinderella illustration
Vintage Cinderella & Fairy Godmother Illustration

The Jeweled Elegance Cinderella transformation continues! On this post I started listing related posts at the bottom of current posts because I felt there was so much goodness buried in my past posts. Well, that strategy worked .. but as I got more and more posts, it became more challenging to manually sort through all my posts. Luckily, I just found LinkWithin! This blog widget does all the work for you. It generates related posts with photo thumbnails for every post. I am really liking it, but some of the things it generates as "related" do seem a bit weird!

Sewing Fairy Tale Queen Vintage Illustration
Vintage Sleeping Beauty Queen Illustration

I've been working hard like a busy bee and have *mostly* finished my website boutique overhaul. How fresh and bright it looks! The banner now complements my business cards. The blog and site match perfectly. The press page is upated. The promo pics are redone. And I redid from scratch about half the product photos. Worlds better! (The other half are things I'm taking to market in 2 weeks and since they might soon be in happy homes, I didn't want to spend the hours photographing them quite yet). I still need to get my newsletter program fixed .... and get the scarflettes and patterns up! I have 6 scarflettes almost done .... and am working on the patterns for at least 4 of them, plus the pattern for the fingerless gloves. The patterns are taking longer than I thought because I first have to write them, then test them myself by crocheting straight from the pattern to sure it flows smoothly and has no mistakes, .. and THEN have an independent crocheter test the pattern out. Soon!!


Candace said...

Hello! Thanks for these tips and updates. I do love that Dulac illustration -- he was such a great illustrator as were Rackham and Kai Nielsen.
I MUST continue my own transformation, in my art as well as my little blog. Seeing this post was a delight.

Mary Timme said...

I'm trying the Linkwithin and seeing if I like it. It will be fun to see what it does.

I think I've broken free from my worst part of the addiction to jigsaws after a week, or maybe it is just that I've had time to play them all today! Sigh!

KV said...

This is a wonderful post, Heather! So full of enthusiasm and high spirit -- and those illustrations are some of my favorites, too.

Thanks for the lead to the widget -- just might try that on my author's blog for the historical points.

Kathy V in NM

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

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Adela said...

i love that first picture! i grew up with that fairy tale story book and i love his work