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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pioneer Lifestyle in 2009

A record breaking heat wave is sweeping across the land here and it is hot, hot, triple digit HOT!! Usually this is a valley of cool temperate weather, so the power grid is not used to unrelenting demands from greedy air conditioners, fans and other cooling devices set to the maximum so ... you guessed it... blackouts have started to occur with thousands being affected. Case in point: two long blackouts have hit the house in the past 24 hours. With 105 degree weather and no fan or air con, it is mighty hot until the sun sets at night bringing some very welcome relief. Bizarrely, the street behind us still has power. Weird how that works sometimes!farm fresh colorful wool yarnWithout electricity it is feeling very 1850's around here: reading by candlelight, washing clothes by hand, room-temp. water to drink, etc. It seemed appropriate to work with natural farm-fresh wool the past few days to fit the pioneer spirit. I've been working on some secret projects I can't show you yet, but I can show you these!
crocheted play food vegetables: strawberry,  tomatoe and green beansMy little guys wanted to start an old-fashioned grocery store so we've been crocheting cute little veggies and other produce! So far we have green beans, tomatoes and strawberries. Tonight it's carrots and tomorrow...eggplant! I need to switch to a smaller hook, maybe a "D" because the stuffing is showing a bit when they are tightly stuffed, but this is just fun, quick playfood so I'm willing to let my trademark perfectionism slip a bit just this once :)

free crochet patterns for vegetables and fruit play foodWanna make your own super kawaii cute veggies and fruits? Check out these super generous free patterns from Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn. Here is the link for some veggies and the basket too!


Gracie said...

How cute is that?! The crocheted vegies. Will definitely need to learn how to crochet.
And that weather is hot. I realised it would be about 40 degrees celsius which is really hot for us. I hope you're surviving!

Sugar Bear said...

Yikes! It is pretty hot and humid here and I can't imagine if we were having blackouts and no ac! The veggies are so adorable!

Heather said...

ugh on the heat and lack of AC! I'm tickled pink on the crochet!! You should do this and put sets in your ETSY! I know people would like this!!