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Monday, September 21, 2009


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It was a warm, sunny morning, the sky full of innocent puffy white clouds. I curled up on the couch nursing my Japanese mug full of steaming sencha tea, flipped the power button on my laptop and instead of the usual welcome screen there appeared nothing but wildly moving patterns of lines and abstract blocks of color. Then the words "fatal hardware error" appeared just before .... endless black. Just like that. In a heartbeat, without any warning, my beautiful computer died :(

Well, the old computer proved to be beyond resuscitation. I'm bringing the humble replacement up to speed, but it's taking quite a while (and many hours of reformatting, updating drivers, etc. Yuck!). Thank goodness for cloud computing! Email was restored quickly and Blogger and Etsy were untouched.

While I sit here reformatting this thing, I've been skimming book review blogs looking for fresh reads. I read quite a bit this summer and, on the whole, was really disappointed with the quality of what is being published these days and worse, what poor writing is getting best-seller attention. What books are you looking forward to as being good reads? Or at least different and thought-provoking! :)


Gracie said...

Hey Heather! I'm sorry I didn't get to answer your questions on my blog. I've seen Gilmore Girls before but I thought I would start from the beginning and watch all the way through. Lorelei is so quirky she's great!
I haven't seen the Ballet Shoes movie or read the book. I will definitely check it out.
And we had our engagement party this weekend and it was fantastic!
I hope all the books are great! x

Gracie said...

P.S. Sorry your computer died =(

Nerissa Alford said...

i'm so sorry for your computer woes! it's a wonder how we got along before them. hopefully you'll have everything sorted out soon.
i'm not much of a reader. i tend to read mostly crafting books. i'm in the middle of reading/journaling style statement, which i got from amazon's bargain area. it's been fun!
take care

KV said...

Must be something in the air, Heather -- my computer died about a month ago, too. But I love my new one because it has a huge capacity!

There isn't enough room here on your blog to list all the books in progress on my table at the moment. However, I do recommend Katherine Neville's "The Eight" and "The Fire". You would be especially interested since one of the time periods that is woven into the story deals with the French Revolution.

And we received terrific news yesterday afternoon: my book will be reviewed in the November issue of New Mexico Magazine . . .

Kathy V in NM

esque said...

Awww, I hate when PCs go to PC heaven. Glad you were to keep all your data!

Have a nice day!