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Friday, April 09, 2010

Crazy Busy Spring

Wow are things busy around here! Market season starts in just 3 weeks, and I'm working hard to meet that deadline. In three weeks, I will have:

* designed and printed new better-visibility sign/price tags for my market booth
* constructed new ribbon display boards for my market booth
* finished several of my new "Twig" necklaces
* finished my new line of Japanese inspired "Bloom" crocheted jewelry
* finalized TWO new crochet patterns and posted them online
* completed at least two lacy crocheted capelets for Spring
* gotten my lettuce, pea, cucumber, and pole bean seedlings settled in their permanent garden beds
* prepped the house for company arriving in the beginning of May

and last .. but unfortunately not least....
* somehow convinced the sun to come out for an extended period so I can take some good, well-lit photos of all the aforementioned things!!

All this busy time in the studio means I haven't had much time for online activities, but I'll be back to regular blog posting on May 1st. And have lots of cool photos to show you and things to share then!

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