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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Timberline Lodge

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Saturday Market I'm a vendor at. And wouldn't you know it? I forgot my camera!! So .. pics will have to wait until next week. It was a bit chilly, but with plenty of sunbreaks it turned out to be a really good opening day. It was so lovely to see and reconnect with fellow vendors and longtime customers, and meet some lovely new people too!

timberline lodge exterior deep snow
Photos from Wikipedia.

Afterwards, we had to hustle and drive out to the historic Timberline Lodge for a wedding. You may have seen pictures of it - it's the snow-covered building used for the exterior shots in the famous 1980 movie The Shining. I hadn't expected so much snow in May. It was DEEP. And way, WAY up in snow country. The lodge is a historic building created in 1936-1938 as a Works Progress Administration project during the Great Depression. and is just a beautiful work of Art Deco. It's three stories tall, but there is so much snow that the first and second levels are often below the snowline. You could even ski off the roof there's so much snow!
timberline lodge interior picture of main area
Photos from Wikipedia.

The interior is warm and toasty with giant stone fireplaces and lots of warm wood and forged iron everywhere. It really retains a 1930's atmosphere and you can tell the effort that has gone into preservation and restoration. It was just enchanting to walk around and explore all the wonderful architecture and artistic details. Here's one of the many carved animal posts at the lodge.timberline lodge carved animal wooden stairway post
Photos from Wikipedia.

We hadn't realized how far away the Lodge was, and we still have young children who need to get to bed at a reasonable hour, so we weren't able to stay at the wedding very long. I can see why it would have been wise to book a room there for the night, but we'll know for our next trip there!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

I am probably not the first to say that the exterior looks to be out of The Shining...

BluMoon said...

It certainly looks very atmosphericwhat an amazing place I love going round old and historic buildings.