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Monday, September 13, 2010

New PDF Pattern - Mina Harker Crochet Lace Choker

Just in time to get ready for the Halloween season, here's a brand new crochet pattern: The Mina Harker Necklace! Bram Stoker's Victorian heroine, Mina Harker, might have worn a beautiful beaded choker like this. Delicate violet lace with an abstract floral motif drapes closely around the neck. The bead embellishment is optional, but highly recommended to add. At my Etsy store.mina harker dracula vampire crochet pattern pdf easy lace pattern necklace
Here it is on me :) You don't need to make it in these Gothic colors. I also made one in a pastel green with diamond-like crystals to wear with a sundresss and it looked fabulous!vampire lace collar necklace pattern pdf crochet goth bram stoker
Keeping with the vampire theme .. look what I discovered yesterday night while browsing at my local book store! Vampire Knits!
vampire knits twilight werewolf knitting patterns halloweenObviously it's cashing in on the Twilight/True Blood craze, but it does have some really cute patterns in it beyond those super popular Bella gloves.


jacqsierae said...

Omy gosh!I love your necklace!

Lisa Childers said...

I Love this choker!!!! Do you have another copy of the pattern? Please let me know @ Thank you Lisa Childers.