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Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Retro Coasters

When you think of crocheted goodies, most people think of scarfs, gloves, blankets, pillows ..... cold weather things. But there are lots of great crocheted projects for summer too. Think lacey, barely-there tops, open weave silk wraps for evenings on the patio, or brightly colored sunhats. And don't forget crocheted bikinis! For outdoor dining, try making some fun summer coasters, like these retro summer coasters.Summer Retro Crochet Coasters I love the fun colors and random patterns of the multi-colored yarn. Each coaster turns out as a unique little piece of art. Cotton is a great yarn choice for a non-skid coaster that gracefully absorbs water from sweating glasses. Perfect for casual dining on the patio; catching the condensation from chilled mint juleps and iced tea.
Summer Retro Crochet Coasters If you'd like to make some coasters like mine, you'll find all the details on my Summer Retro Coasters Ravely page. These whip up SO quickly. You can easily make a set in an afternoon, or work on them one by one in a spare hour here and there.

Like the idea but not the pattern? You can use any block pattern meant for a quilt or blanket. Most of those blocks are a fairly good size. Just use a very thin yarn and a fairly small hook to scale it down to coaster size. Happy creating!

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