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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Summer with Mochi Ice Cream and Men's Handwarmers

I was strolling through Whole Foods grocery store the other day and found this: Bubbies Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream! Well, I'd never had mochi ice cream before, but always wanted to try it, so into the basket it went.

The verdict: this stuff is awesome! Chewy, sweet and refreshing. Perfect thing to eat out on the patio during those long, warm summer evenings. The green tea flavor was nice and light, but I think I'll go with chocolate next time :)

While chewing my mochi ice cream I've been playing with some new yarn. I really want to make a bunch of men's handwarmers for the holidays and I love Rowan yarn .... so..... I bought 2 skeins of  "cashsoft" (who doesn't love the softness of cashmere?) and two of "felted tweed", which the store clerk assured me could stand up to whatever outdoorsy, rugged things the recipients might do. Both are DK weight so I should have enough to make 4 pairs of gloves. Now I just need to find a nice pattern for men with large hands! Any suggestions?

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