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Friday, October 20, 2006

Studio Friday: "Autumn Inspiration"

This week's Studio Friday topic:
"Autumn inspiration - According to my calendar, today (Sept 22) is the "Autumnal Equinox," and it's my favorite season, so show me what you love about the fall - the colors?... the leaves?...etc." ~ Kerri

Who doesn't love the vibrant colors of autumn, especially the pairing of flame-colored leaves with a brilliant blue sky? These lovely autumn flowers reflect the colors of the trees and will soon be visible out my studio window. And something about autumn just encourages knitting, especially with wool, in the evening with a cup of hot tea and fresh pumpkin muffins. Here is my newest knitting project - the yarn choices are definitely showing some autumn influence!

Autumn is also the time to start crafting Christmas goodies in the studio. I love to open the window in the studio wide (Autumn here has a long Indian summer before the rains start) and with a hot cup of cider, sketch out all the new designs I'd like to do for Christmas, both for my family and friends and for the boutique. There's something about the quiet in the air, the smell of the garden, the turning of the leaves and the flocks of geese in the sky that just inspires. This fall I've been smitten by the color copper. These are a few of my first copper inspired pieces - little inexpensive stocking stuffers crafted with bright copper wire.


LB said...

Pumpkin muffins! The food always distracts me. Too bad I don't bake - I better put the hubby to work on that one. Pumpkin really does bring fall to life, even if we are still suffering from 85 degree days.

APlanet4Creation said...

Blogger was driving me up the wall this morning too! Lovely photos!!

kerrip said...

mmmm... pumpkin muffins. love the earrings. and I identify with the flurry of work during this season

naomi said...

Love all the color and design for your autum s.f.
"Very Cozy"

Anonymous said...

Hey I have the same wool! Enjoy the fall time!

Going For Greatness said...

I love making gifts for the holidays. Fall evenings, after the girls are in bed, I love to sit and create!
I LOVE pumpkin muffins... and pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin spice cookies and pumpkin pie!! DELICIOUS!