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Friday, November 24, 2006

Studio Friday: "Comfort"

"I recently splurged on a new office chair, and it is making a huge difference in how my back and neck feel at the end of the day, since I spend a lot of time at my computer. Now that the weather has turned a little chilly in the mornings, I'm using my heated lap blanket on my chair to make my work spot even cozier. I wonder what other artists do to make their studios more comfy. Comfort foods? Family photos on the wall? A cozy spot for an afternoon nap?" ~ Lisa

Tea! A toasty cup of flavorful tea is the perfect comfort for me in the studio. I love the endless variety and flavors of tea and as you can see, I range all over: imported Japanese green tea, chai, whole leaf chamomile, African nectar, Twinings British tea ...... they are all good! I also have a great collection of tea cups for all that tea. This blue and white one is from Japan. Some of them are such beautiful and fragile ceramics I use them for decoration only since I'm not sure they could withstand boiling hot water.

No matter how hectic the studio gets and how many projects are on the table, I can always find a tiny spot large enough for a cup of comfort :)


karin said...

Something about a hot cup of coffee or tea to bring some comfort to the project! Your jewelry is really great. Your work is so colorful. I tend to shy away from the brighter colors and I am always in awe of those you can pull it all together. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Studio Friday has proven t be a good "motivator" for me. Karin aka Creative Chaos (It wouldn't let me sign in with my typepad account

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Tea!! The pure pleasure of it! I dig your cup, looks like a lantern, with the golden fire of tea inside

LB said...

Yes, tea! If you saw my Studio Friday post from October, you know I'm crazed about tea. The cup you show in your picture is beautiful. I recently bought an adorable teacup, but haven't used it yet - it's actually a little too small, but I had to have it anyway! Thanks for sharing. :-)