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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Soapy Love

My two little guys have discovered the joys of helping Mom make soap, and before I knew it, they were choosing enough scents and styles to fill a workshop. So ..... my kitchen has temporarily become Soap Central. But look at what yummy things they are cooking up! (with Mom's supervised help of course)

They loved choosing herbs and spices for the soap, so we ended up with a lot of complex things: English Rose soap with dried roses, Honey Applejack soap with ground cinnamon, and White and Green Tea soap with Japanese tea raided from Mom's tea cabinet.

My favorite is this one: Vanilla Almond Latte with real coffee. They wanted to make a soap just for their caffeine loving parents. Aren't they sweet! We hope the recipients of all this soap handmade with love get as much joy out of using it as we did making it. Happy Holidays!


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Ok the "coffee" soap sounds divine!!

SweetJen said...

They look more like candy than soap! It all sounds wonderful.