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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Amigurumi & Pendants

These cute little amigurumi snails were birthday presents I shipped off last week. They were super easy to make. The shell is just a long skinny scarf of chunky yarn rolled up like a sushi roll and the body is one long, unchanging continuous circle tube. The eyes started life as bunny arms for other amigurumi, but were conscripted, sewn on and pasted with googly eyes. I'd seen pictures of amigurumi snails before, but wanted bigger ones with really chunky shells, so I made these up as I went along. They ended up being 6 x 8 inches. Perfect size for cubicle decoration! When I started, I envisioned them dressed with beaded necklaces and hair flowers like flapper snails :) but since they were for a gentleman, I decided to leave them plain. Be warned - if you know me, you may be getting a flapper snail!

If you were an entrant in the Happily Handmade Giveaway, the drawing for the winning names was yesterday! I am super excited to announce that a winning entry was drawn from my shop!! Yeah! There were so many sponsors this year, and only 50 prizes, that not every sponsor was able to produce a winner, so I very pleased to congratulate my winner!! Winners are not confirmed yet, but I will be posting about my winner and have a picture of the exact fabulous indie prize basket she won.

The Saturday Market I sell at every year starts next month. I'm trying to clear out all my old stock of beads because I have some cool new handmade beads (and designs based on them) in the works for market goers this year. Here is a selection of pendants using up my pink beads. I especially love the wire wrapped and hand sewn flower pendant. Wirework has always been a great love of mine. I've taken a break from it the past two years to grow my skills in other areas, but this year I will be returning to it with lots of vintage style designs. Look for yummy wire wrapped diva jewelry at the market!


Jamie said...

How cute are those snails!?! VERY! I MUST see a flapper snail. I love the hand sewn floral pendant too. It's very beautiful. Good luck with your upcoming Market. I know you will do well:)

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Those snails are so cute! Much cuter than the ones I find on my sidewalk! :) I love the pendants. So have patience!

Jamie said...

Hey girl! Just wanted you to know your package arrived safe and sound and I LOVE it!!!! I had not checked the mail in several days so it probally arrived on Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry! When the boy is sick I lose all ability to fuction:) Thank you so much and I love how you wrapped everything and the sweet ribbon. I will be taking pics and posting on Monday. Thank you again Heather. You make beautiful jewerly.


Nerissa said...

Your pendants are beautiful. Good luck with the market. Have a great time!