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Monday, May 14, 2007

Market Day!

It's here! Market Day!! The day when all your hard work (hopefully) pays off :) We had an absolutely fantastic opening day for market. There was a wonderful article in the local paper announcing our opening day and it seemed like everyone came down to see what the market was all about.

Our new location next to the library had ample parking, live music and a great concrete "boardwalk" to stroll with over 40 vendors. I did really well (yeah!!!) and am now making new product to fill all those holes in my display. I have a small car, perennially packed with car seats and kid gear, so my market tent, tables, etc. are all on the diminutive side having to fit in the space left over. Which didn't bother me until I saw all the ultra cool booths that looked like swanky mall stores transplanted to the sidewalk. I consoled myself with the realization that I can break down my booth and be in the warm car with coffee and donuts in 10 minutes after the end of the market, while they will probably still be dismantling doors and shelving units.

And here are the surprise best sellers. These hairpins were just a quick thought one afternoon, but wow did they garner compliments and sales!!

This has just been a quick post to let you all know that market went well, and that I finally was able to leave the studio :) I love my studio, but it feels good to get out and enjoy the sunshine and flowers! I really appreciate all the positive, encouraging sentiments you all have been sending me for market! This week I will be trying to catch up (finally!) on all my e-mail, snail mail, blogs, comments, etc. while I simultaneously get the house ready for company this weekend, take care of two sick munchkins, and get the garden weeded so we can get our vegetables and herbs planted. This is what triple expresso mocha lattes are for, right? :)


Mary Timme said...

You've got it! That is what Mom's do!
Congrats! on the good market. I made hairpins once and was so surprised at how well they sold. Amazing isn't it? You never know!

karin (creativechaos) said...

Yay for you! Your display looked beautiful. There is A LOT to be said for simplicity. Those hair pins are so cute! It's funny when you do something as sort of a last minute deal and it becomes the thing! So glad for you!! Talk to you soon

Jen said...

Awesome! I'm so excited for you! The display really does look fabulous and I'm not surprised stuff was selling like hotcakes.

The pins are darling!

Lizzy said...

So glad Market was such a success! That's wonderful! I'm not surprised, though, your creations are so unique and pretty!

tongue in cheek said...

I love surprise best sellers!

Isn't it a treat to see what is going to be the hot item of the market?

The Decorated House said...

Your display looks lovely, and those hairpins are darling!
Congrats on a good show and hope you are enjoying sunshine!

Jamie said...

Congratulations on the wonderful show! Your jewerly looks so beautifully displayed. The hairpins are darling and I'm not surprised they were a hit! I did get your email. You are so sweet! I will email you back later today. Love, Jamie

m i c h e l l e said...

Congrats are your success at the market! Beautiful jewelry and your hair pins are SO clever! :-)