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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heat Wave

This week it has been triple digit HOT! This in a region where if it hits 80 degrees it's considered a heat wave. My unairconditioned studio at the top of the house has been just too hot to work in. I've squeaked in a few things during the wee hours of the morning when the temp. has dropped a bit, but still .. very warm. Above is the mystery creation from the supplies pictured in the previous post -- mini cupcake pincushions! These little guys are only about 1" x 2" and are completely cute handcrafted whimsy!

While waiting for the heat wave to abate, I spent some time surfing online from my cool kitchen and discovered these two amazing French artists. I don't speak any French, but it's jaw dropping eye candy even if you just look. Above is the sublime paper sculpture work of Le Jardin de Miss Clara. I just love this dress and shoes! She has some lovely art prints and downloadable wallpapers too.

And here at Laetitia Mieral these fairy-tale based papier-mâché wonders are created. She has an amazing blog (partially in English) full of creative costumes and custom creations. Given the current craze for Marie Antoinette, I thought this was really cute.

I'm heading back to the lavender farm this week for fresh culinary lavender and I'll publish recipes and lavender goodies next week!


Gracie said...

Your little cupcake pin cushions are so sweet!
And thanks for sharing those sites. They are lovely. I also love the Marie Antoinette site link. As I am reading her story written by Antonia Fraser and I loved the film.

Mary Timme said...

Those are dear wee cupcakes! And what fun with the french artists, too. Wow! from 80's to triple digits is way too hot to be working.

Monica Yvette said...

Wonderful display of eye candy. I can't wait to check out these links in depth, and even more so can't wait for the lavender recipes.

m i c h e l l e said...

Gasp! Such a beautiful, magical post! Thank you! :-)

Susan Tuttle said...

I just love your cupcake pincushions--so whimsical!!

Stay cool--yikes--your studio sounds like an oven!
Thanks for stopping in over at my blog.


KV said...

Thank you so much for the lead to Miss Clara -- what an incredibly inspiring site!

I loved your post, too, and everything you do.

Kathy V in NM

Jen said...


That dress...fantastic, in the real sense of the word. Just gorgeous! Make sure Disney doesn't steal the design for a movie. ;)

Beauteous! And the cupcakes are adorableness. :)