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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Posh Fingerless Gloves

I think it's finally safe to post the pictures of the handcrafted gifts I gave to my family members this Christmas. I was super late mailing things out, but they should all have their packages by now (even going erroneously to a different continent and back). This year, it was all about the functionality. Useful, you-will-use-them gifts. Everyone got a sweet multi-colored caplet or a pair of durable, washable, crocheted fingerless gloves! pink washable organic cotton crocheted fingerless gloves with buttonsFor the girls, I used this oh-so-soft pink organic cotton. This stuff was so soft I kept wanting to stoke my cheek with it while working. Each glove is embellished with pearlized, washable buttons. One, because then you always know which glove is for the right hand and which is for the left. Two, because buttons are just so cool being little works of art themselves. Three, because embellishments that make clothing and accessories unwashable/uncleanable are not washable organic cotton crocheted fingerless gloves with buttonsYes, that's me modeling a pair of pink ones :) And who is that modeling one of the guy pairs? It's my DH! Who was such a good sport about playing model for the morning.crocheted grey wool blend fingerless gloves for guysFor the guys, it was a rugged grey wool blend. All the warmth of wool, but you can wash them in the machine .. no felting is going to happen to this wool! And buttons here too, but plain, black or grey masculine ones. Don't want them thinking the buttons are too girly :) crocheted grey wool blend fingerless gloves for guysI've given my family a variety of handcrafted gifts over the years because to me handcrafted gifts are true expressions of love since you customize each gift just for the recipient and then spend many hours of your life meticulously crafting them. Love is crafted into them at every step. But I know some people would rather just receive gift certificates or, and this is especially true for guys, the latest electronics. What do you think?

Also, while I was working on all these pairs of fingerless gloves, I had 6 or 7 people come up to me and ask for the pattern! I do use other people's patterns occasionally, but this was one of my own designs and I was just thrilled to get this ultimate compliment! I've been trying to think of creative ways to add a few more dollars to our income during these oh-so-fun economic times, so what do you think of me starting to sell crochet PDF patterns. Good idea? Bad idea? And then of course ... I have to figure out *how* to make a downloadable PDF pattern. If anyone wants to help me get the ball rolling on this, please contact me .. I would so appreciate it!

Also .. my next blog post won't be for two weeks. I have some custom orders to do ASAP and Quickbooks stuff for taxes (joy!). Until then, feel free to visit some of my archived posts and ....... cheers!!

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14 comments: said...

Those gloves are so cute and practical! My hands are always freezing and I find myself wearing mittens indoors all the time. =p

Judi said...

Thank you for sharing your handmade Christmas gifts. You do such a nice job. They looks so lovely with the button embellishments.

I think selling your patterns online is a good idea. Its a great way for the buyer to receive their purchase quickly.

I haven't done that before so I'm not sure how one does that. Perhaps you could find someone who does selling in that way and check with them.

Good luck!
enjoy your evening

Lori said...

those gloves are so cute...i love the button embellishment!!!

Heather said...

Can't help you with the technical aspects of things but I think it would be a great idea to sell your PDFs - why not???? :)

Parallax said...

Those fingerless gloves are a great gift. And selling patterns seems like a good business venture. Google "convert document to pdf". You can make the document in Word (or whatever you use), and then if you have the right application convert it to a pdf with the push of a button (we have it at work, and its great). I think adobe has a limited free version that will do what you need, but I can't remember the name.

Anonymous said...

Fingerless gloves rock! I love all types. Do you make them in lace?

Waterrose said...

Lovely! I gave my son a pair of fingerless gloves in grey...I didn't make them since I can't knit, so I ordered them from Etsy and they came all the way from Alaska...and my son took them back to Portland!

Gracie said...

How lovely! And it's nice to receive gifts that are personalised. I wish I had the patience to do that for Christmas or birthdays.

I think you should add it to your shop why not? =) I wish I could actually crochet.

(I love the coffee cup warmer you gave me it will be great in winter!)

Oh by the way I go Alice in that Twilight quiz lol

jen said...

yes, you should definitely sell the pattern for these...if you need help with the pdf just let me know!

mandapanda said...

For some reason I'm picturing them in Purple with a bright Green button!! lol, love the pink though!! Just gorgeous!

Candace said...

These are marvelous! How I admire anyone who can do this. My gloves would look like they had mange, with or without fingers, no doubt. Mmm... I DO like that blue! The buttons do add to the look, also.

And thanks for your very kind comments on my blog and for your visit. It's always a pleasure coming over here, I can tell you that!

Take care.
Your Friend in Athens

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

I love the gloves! I agree selling patterns is a great idea!

Thank you for your kind comment and I"m thrilled that you have the Egg book (turns a shade of green ;) and I was able to help with the artists name. Have you read Dream Hunters? He illustrated it and Neil Gaiman is the author. Its stunning!

FAPORT International said...

so cute, i really like the blue one, that was great, love it!

Adams Young said...

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