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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vintagey Lucite Flower Goodness

I just love custom orders! One of my lovely customers brought me a vintage necklace from around the 50's or 60's and asked if I could re-make it into some long, dangley earrings featuring the gorgeous vintage flower beads in the necklace. I'm no expert on vintage jewels, but they looked like Lucite to me! Vintage Lucite Flower Beads .... Yum!!

Here's pair number one:
Vintage lucite flower bead earrings

And pair number two:
Vintage lucite flower bead earrings
They are both so gorgeous, I don't know how she will ever choose. I know I'd take both!!!

***Update: She picked pair #1! Pair #2 is looking gorgeous and seeking a new home. To be the proud new owner of these lovelies click here. ***

The necklace was pretty long, so I had tons of extras left over. I'm going to post pics of them here and add them to Etsy too (here and here and here), in case anyone wants to make their own pairs.Vintage lucite flower beadsVintage painted patina metal beadcapsvintage blue cabochon tab clasp with matching beadsVintage blue-green crystals
So... you may ask what happened to the great Spring cleaning I was in the midst of. Grade school is so wonderful for the sharing of germs, esp. in Spring. Let's just say this has been "The House of Flu" for the past few weeks. Me hit the hardest since I exhausted myself nursing my sick little guys and husband. Life is bouncing back around here though and with one custom order done and packaged, I think I hear that coat closet begging to be cleaned out today! :)

Oh, and if you haven't seen this very cool Flu Trend Tracker from Google you should take a look. The tech behind it is quite novel and yet, extremely commonsense too. Google found that certain search terms were indicative of flu activity. They used the Google aggregated (combined) data to estimate flu activity in a given region. Neat, huh? Currently, Oregon rates as "high" .. no surprise there :)


Mary Timme said...

My closets are obediently silent. They gave up a long time ago! At least I think that is what happened. Beautiful earrings. What fun.

Sugar Bear said...

They are both absolutely gorgeous! I'd take both!

Nicole Solo said...

the vintage beads are gorgeous! I LOVE deconstructing old jewelry like this, so much fun

Walk in the Woods said...

The beads are awesome and I love the earrings you've made! I hope and your family feel better soon ... as for spring cleaning ... there's plenty of time for that!

Be well.

LittleLovables said...

Oh, those beads are gorgeous, perfect for spring! You made some lovely earrrings from them.

KV said...

The earrings are simply precious, Heather! Nothing quite like working with vintage materials to inspire one, right?

Kathy V in NM

Lori said...

Heather, those earrings are gorgeous...those are the sweetest beads i have ever seen!!!

Waterrose said...

Both pairs are so beautiful. I love the 2nd pair. Now off to look at the flu tracker....keeping fingers crossed that is has already passed through AZ.

Gracie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The colours are so beautiful! I wish I wore dangly earrings but I don't really. Though I do like decorating with them.

I do hope you're feeling better though!

Miss Sandy said...

Oh my what a wonderful idea! I have an old earring full of wonderful beads that belonged to my grandmother, the mate was long ago lost. I'd love to have it made into something I could wear today. Beautiful creation!