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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life-Like Driftwood Horse Scupltures

Sometimes I come across an artist just too cool not to share. Heather Jansch uses driftwood to craft magnificent horse sculptures. Despite their graceful, airy appearance, each horse weighs three quarters of a ton and is free standing. The structure is strong enough to not only withstand public display but also heavy winds without falling over. Each scupture is totally unique and can take up to three years to complete.Can only imagine how awesome these look when the tide comes in and they "play" in the waves. No surprise there is a long waiting list of buyers.

Photos fromSomethin Wonderful.

She also has branched out into stags! Hmmm.... well, if I win the lottery I think a few of these hidden around my new mansion's grounds would look pretty cool!! :)


Heather said...


Waterrose said...

OH my...thanks for sharing your find. These are spectacular!

Alison Gibbs said...

How fabulous they are.
Wonder if I could do that with my driftwood collection - mmm... not likely!!LOL

nuvonova said...

Such a clever idea!

Terri Loving-Gibbard said...

It IS a clever idea, and one that Deborah Butterfield (
had as well. There is some controversy over who "borrowed" this concept from the other.

Bejeweled said...

Hi Terri! Thanks for the link and for illuminating an important artistic issue. It is interesting to see how, even with the same core idea, both these talented artists have their own distinct style.