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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mini Crocheted Holiday Stockings

I'm always looking for cute ways to use all those little bits of yarn yardage you're left with after finishing projects. You know, 4 feet of that gorgeous green alpaca, 6 ft of that yummy white mohair.... bits too small to use in any substantial project but too big to throw away.

I use many of these remnants to make my flower pins, but what I really found myself wanting this year was a way to use them to make holiday gifts. So I was thrilled to find this delightful pattern on Ravelry: My Stocking Ornament. I'm going to make lots of little mini-stockings and use them as the "wrappers" for little candies to make quick holiday gifts. The stocking can become an ornament after all the candy is eaten.
The pattern makes the cutest little mini-stockings! It's a really easy, quick, adaptable pattern and will work with any type of yarn. And they are terribly addicting to make .. you can't make just one! I'm leaving mine plain, but these would be super cute with felt holiday shapes appliqued on them or initials embroidered on.

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The Rose Room said...

Cute, cute, cute! Rachaelxo