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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Incoming from a Parallel Universe of Mutant Bunnies

I believe your home should be filled with things you love and cherish. That speak to your heart and dreams and soul. Today I found a fellow Northwestern artist who makes the most amazing textile artwork: Zoe Williams. According to her bio, there are no armatures used in her work and it's all solid needle felted wool. Which, if you've ever done needle felting, you know is incredibly time consuming.
Photo via Boing Boing

Art is very subjective,(beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder) but there is just something about this morphing bunnies series that speaks to me. I can't decide if they are mutant bunnies pushing their way through the picture frame from a parallel universe, or if they are transmuting from a primordial genetic ooze into bunnies. But I either way .. I LOVE these! She has quite a number of other amazing works viewable at her website X03, but these bunnies are the ones I've fallen in love with. Only thing I wish is that they were brown bunnies ... I don't know how white those white bunnies would remain without a display case, and where's the fun of sticking sculpture behind glass? :)

It looks like she has her first solo show coming up, Somnium Bestia (at the Ghost Gallery) where her textile creatures will make an appearance. Wish I could go!

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The Rose Room said...

hmmm, they are a little scary looking! lol Rachaelxo