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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Teacher Washcloths & Soap

My little munchkins discovered my old soap making supplies and decided they wanted to make handcrafted soap for their end-of-year teacher thank you gifts. So the kitchen transformed into Soap Central and we had a glorious day making soap together!

crochet soap handcrafted washcloth teacher gift cotton

They had been Mommy's soap helpers when they were much younger. Now that they were older, they were able to do almost all the steps themselves from designing and mixing, to choosing additives, pouring and unmolding. They came up with the most awesome soaps! They made:

1) chocolate expresso soap (with real chocolate!!)
2) pink plumeria flower soap
3) ginger-lime nebula soap
4) rise and shine calendula flower soap
5) green tea relaxing soap
6) french lavender soap

crochet soap handcrafted washcloth teacher gift cotton

They worked so hard making soap, I decided to crochet some custom 100% cotton washcloths to go with them. I did two for each teacher, some with crab stitch edging and some with a more delicate, feminine, ruffled edging.

crochet soap handcrafted washcloth teacher gift cotton

I love this shot of the washcloths. It's so hard to make washcloths look interesting in photos, but I love how they look here. Like colorful cakes with white frosting.

crochet soap handcrafted washcloth teacher gift cotton

This yarn was multi-colored and the patterns the colors made as work progressed were very interesting! Like abstract works of art.

Mom helped wrap everything up and off the gift bags went to school. My boys were very proud of their creations and thought that making soap for their beloved teachers was a most special gift! I hope their teachers enjoy these gifts made with love!


The Rose Room said...

Gorgeous gift for a teacher, anyone for that matter! Rachaelxo

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a delightful gift; teachers are sure to be pleased!

Barbara said...

Wonderful gifts!! It was also just terrific that the kids made the soap themselves. So thoughtful of them.

Hugs XX

Scribe said...

I am totally stealing your idea next year! Those are awesome!!!