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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cute Kid Gift Tags

I can't believe I forgot something really important in my last post! The gift tags!

Since discovering all the wonderful gift tags that talented indie designers generously make available as free online downloads/printables, I have never again bought a mass-market store product. The gift tags I used on my children's end-of-year teacher thank you gifts were these super cute blank tags from The Small Object. I love how they feature little kids .. just perfect!

I have assembled a list of downloadable/printable holiday gifts tags that I love, but these cuties I found on this fabulous gift tag compilation site at Living Life As Art. It not only covers holiday themed tags, but a whole bunch of all-occasion tags too. The great thing about this site is that it shows images of the all gift cards, so you don't have to click through each link to see what they look like. It is image intensive and the page takes a while to load .. but it's worth it!

1 comment:

Taking Heart said...

Many moons ago I was on a gift tag kick... you should see the ones my mom makes... so neat..

Great post!