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Friday, June 04, 2010

Delicate Clutch Bags

I've spent several weeks poring over crochet patterns looking for just the *perfect* thing to make as graduation gifts for several young ladies. Finally I came upon a basic pattern for a simple clutch bag. A few modifications to the pattern combined with a nicer yarn .... and it makes an elegant make-up/accessory bag ...... perfect!! I only have this sky blue one finished so far, but I am really *loving* how these are turning out!I used a lovely button as the clasp instead of the crocheted one it called for. Much better.
Gosh, these are so nice I really want one too! :)
I need to start thinking about end-of-year teacher gifts too. I love baking cookies for others...the rich aroma of melting chocolate in brownies and 7 Layer Bars, the buttery goodness and almond scent of almond drop cookies, the vanilla smell of marble cookies....yum!! But handmade treats are so lovely to make and receive too. Hmmmmm..... have to think on that for a while.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Fortunate girls; they will love the bags.

BluMoon said...

What a very pretty bag love the colour!